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This organization has been arranging and preparing various events since its production in 2009. All events have been appreciated by the general public. The events have been mentioned several times in leading TV channels, on national newspapers, and radio channels. Born to Smile has received plaudits from the United Nations for its involvement in social awareness.


Born to Smile takes part in work within many sectors, including: charity programmers; sports; entertainment programmers; public welfare; and general social activities overall.


Born to Smile helps refugees, orphans, street children, and deprived citizens of Bangladesh. It accomplishes this through the means of donations, free education, and medical aid. They organized football, cricket and futsal tournaments and entertainment shows which provide budding talents a stage to showcase their skills in front of a greater audience.


We hope to create and stabilize a hub for the entire youth to establish a change they would want to see in the country to reach the peak of glory. If we knew the depth of a situation and the breadth of a problem—then we could work together in peace to reach the same destination. We are here to stay and make a difference—that is a promise.